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Suzuka Circuit

The Holy Land of Motorsports.

Suzuka Circuit is in Suzuka City just as the name states, and this is not only an international racing course, but also a complex resort facility with hotels, natural hot springs and an amusement park.

This international racing course has a grade separation and a total length of approximately 5,800 meters, and it is has been highly rated as one of the world’s leading technical course, on which the FIA F1 World Championship Series Japan Grand Prix and the Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race are held. This rack is said to be the "The Holy Land of Motorsports."

The amusement park Motopia focuses on engine-powered vehicles that even small children can drive. Also, the park has a rich variety of cars that adults can genuinely compete with. It is the idea of HONDA founder, Sōichirō Honda to have visitors learn about driving manners while they experience the joy and happiness of driving vehicles that are powered by engines.

Also, Aqua Adventure is a theme pool for adventure, discovery and experience, and it is located in the amusement park Motopia. The pool is loaded with various attractions such as a water fountain volcano and water cannons. There is also a kid`s pool for small children to have a great but safe time.

The Kur Garden hot spring is a unique place of relaxation within the nature enveloped Suzuka Circuit. This location is a bath zone comprised of large baths, open-air baths and saunas, thereby making it the epitome of natural hot springs. Also, while wearing a bathing suit (Please note that people who use these areas do not usually wear any clothes.), visitors can enjoy the hot spring pool, bubble bath, cleansing bath, and fountain bath, which are active areas that are rich in variety and very appealing. This facility is also equipped with a lounge in order for visitors to relax as much as they like.

The Flower Garden Hotel is a hotel resort that is surrounded by flowers and greenery. The main building, Hotel Margaret is very spacious with peaceful and calm-inducing, simple interior that allows visitors to relax. This is a hotel resort for couples as well as families and friends, and there are many ways to enjoy it, so please relax comfortably.