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Ise Katagami Stencil Museum

Ise Katagami Stencil Museum Ise Katagami Stencil Museum

Ise Katagami Stencil is used for dying patterns and designs into kimono. It is processed with three sheets of paper that are layered together with a glue made from persimmon extract, and then patterns and designs are carved out using skillful techniques and mental prowess that is concentrated in one`s fingertips. This is a traditional and industrial art that has flourished for over a thousand years primarily in the region of Shiroko and Jike in Suzuka City. The Ise Katagami Stencil Museum is a building from the end of the Edo Period that was the leading store for katagami stencil. It was the house of Terao Saibe, and it was rennovated and opened as the Ise Katagami Stencil Museum in 1997. During the Edo Period, the Terao Residence carried out the production and sales of Ise katagami stencil, and its area of business spread to the northeast region and the entire Kantō region of the country. This house has been designated a historical landmark, because it is a representation of the building structure of that time and a merchant house for katagami stencil. Besides the normal exhibition on display at the museum every day, katagami stencil carving demonstrations are held on the fourth Sunday of every month.

Average time required:1Hours


21-30 Shiroko-honmachi Suzuka City

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21-30 Shiroko-honmachi

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Monday, Tuesday
Closed: The 3rd Wednesday of every month. The museum is open on holidays that fall on a Monday.

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Suzuka City Culture Division