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In old times, Mie Prefecture supplied the Japanese emperor with food and was therefore called miketsukuni ("land of imperial repasts"). Mie is known as a place blessed with the bounties of its mountains and the sea. It is rich in nature, history, culture and modern amusement facilities. Mie is waiting for you with an abundant variety of facets, so please make sure to visit.

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  • Jingu

    Ise Jingū, in English often referred to in singular form as the "Ise Grand Shrine", actually is an extensive ...

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  • Woman diver

    The ama (海女, "female diver" or, more literally, "ocean woman") pursue an old profession ...

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  • Pearl

    In 1858, Mikimoto Kōkichi (御木本 幸吉) was born in Toba City, Mie Prefecture. While gaining ...

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  • Ninja

    People who use ninjutsu (忍術, "art of stealth and endurance") are called ninja (忍者, "person of ...

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  • Matsusaka beef

    Matsusaka Beef (松阪牛, matsusaka ushi,) with its extremely fine marbling (霜降り, shimofuri,...

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