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  1. You can`t miss this! (Standard Course)

    This is a highly recommended course and it can only be found here! Ise Grand Shrine (Ise Jingū), Okageyoko-chō, Mikimoto Pearl Island, Matsusaka beef and ninja exclusives, etc.

  2. Come in Contact with History and Culture!

    There is a lot of ancient history that still remains in Mie Prefecture, such as the Ise Grand Shrine (Ise Jingū), ninjas, castles, and houses from times of old.

  3. Become a Ninja!

    The Ninja is a shadow of existence that is unknown by man. They retrieve information from the enemy and triumph without fighting. How about experiencing the mysterious life of a ninja?

  4. Take a Walk through a Piece of UNESCO World Heritage: The Old Pilgrimage Routes of Kumano Kodō.

    The Kumano Kodō Pilgrimage Routes are paved with moss-covered stones, and are connected to a large forest that leads to Kumano Sanzan "three sacred mountains of Kumano;" a sacred area with temples and shrines. "Ants of the Kumano pilgrimage" is a phrase used to describe the vast amount of people who have crossed many dangerous mountain passes to reach the sacred area of shrines and temples. The routes were registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004. Your soul will be cleansed as you walk through the routes while thinking about the life of Japanese people from long ago.

  5. Be Immersed in Nature!

    From the beautiful fall leaves in the mountains to the breathtaking and deeply indented coastlines, Mie Prefecture is jam-packed with natural, awe-inspiring landscapes.

  6. An Ultimate and Unique Travel Experience!

    This is a great experience for the active traveler. On this trip, participants won't just look at the way Japanese people live; they will experience it with special events that can only be found here.

  7. Enjoy Sports!

    This is the course for those who love to watch and play sports. Suzuka Ciruit, which holds the the Japan F1 Grand Prix, golf courses with a combined total of over 80 holes, and nature related activities will fulfill all of your sporting needs.

  8. Gourmet Japanese Food Fit for a King!

    Indulge in high quality Japanese cuisine such as Matsusaka beef, spiny lobster and abolone!